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Alberton Sports Shooting Club

The Official Southern Gauteng Sport Shooting Association Website for all ISSF AND NPA/PPC Pistol Shooters

The finest shooting club in the country !

Established in 1975, this club has withstood the test of time and is today the home of the Southern Gauteng Sports Shooting Association. Over the years Alberton has always been the main range for ISSF/NPA/PPC shottists in Southern Gauteng. Over the last few years Alberton SSC has been responsible for introducing a number of NPA/PPC ” events ” to this country. These events have proved to be extremely popular for both beginners and experienced shooters alike.

The beauty of these events is that one can participate with almost any type of handgun, be it a .38 revolver, a 9mm Para carry pistol, a .32 pocket pistol or even a .44 magnum. Regardless of previous experience one can participate and have a lot of fun doing so.

As has been mentioned previously Alberton is the only facility in the Gauteng region which caters for the ISSF& NPA/PPC shottist. Over the years members of Alberton Sport Shooting Club have acquitted themselves extremely well on both Provincial, National and International levels. We are currently very proud to have amongst our members some of the  top shottists in the country.

To briefly mention some of the facilities offered by the Alberton Sports Shooting Club :
2 X 50m Ranges, which both have turning targets. 2 X 25m Ranges both of which have turning targets.
A 10m Air Pistol Range with mechanical target changers.
Secure Parking, a comfortable club house with refreshment facilities.

Although much mention has been made of competitive shooting at our club, many members use the club simply because their hobby is firearms. They can be seen on a regular basis just shooting one of their favourite pieces, possibly one which has been rebuilt or reconditioned or one of those that has been forgotten about for a long time or maybe, just testing some special reloads.

Manuel De Sousa : Cell:079 681 0081