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ISSF Free Pistol

ISSF Free Pistol

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This is a very rough outline of Free Pistol.
 For the rules in their entirety see the ISSF Website.

50m Free Pistol is the toughest of the Olympic shooting events. Of course it may be a frustrating discipline to master, but when things go right there is no more satisfying feeling than holding ten shots within the 4-inch nine ring. Why not the ten ring? If that question entered your head you’re either a hopeless optimist or have never shot much Free Pistol…

The rules for Free Pistol are quite simple. As the term would suggest, there are few restrictions on the pistol used. It has to be a .22 caliber rimfire pistol with open sights. The grip may not contact the hand beyond the wrist. There are no restrictions on barrel length, sight radius or trigger weight, although the pistol must be set off by the trigger finger of the shooting hand. A repeater may be used but one round must be loaded at a time. Match duration is a limit of two hours for 60 shots, with unlimited sighters (all of which must be fired before the first competition shot). Targets are the same as used for 25m Standard Pistol and the Precision section of Sport Pistol and Center Fire except shot at twice the distance. And as with all ISSF events we stand on our hind legs and shoot like real men (and women) – one handed.